Terrorist attacks in London

I woke up to another bright day in beautiful Hanoi in Vietnam and was looking forward to a great breakfast. I wanted to try out some Vietnamese noodles, maybe rice, something I don't really eat every day in the morning. And well, instead of noodles I was served something that made me sick to my stomach. Something that made me worry so much. 

A terrible attack, confirmed as a terrorist attack, just happened in London. People stabbed to death and fighting for their lives. In my favourite city in the the world. In the country I have been living for the past few months. Just a few days back a terorrist attack and suicidal bombing happened in Manchester. I mean I am  aware of what is happening in this world. All the terrible wars and acts that have been going on in many countries. I wish we all lived in a peaceful environment and I have felt very grateful to live in 'my world'. Very safe and secure. I have never feared for my or my family's life. Ever. 

Anyway now I am shocked. This could have been you or me. What is going on? Why are people doing this? What does this mean for our future? I have always been in 'this could never happen to me' mindset but now I am forced to wake up and see that this is real. This could have very easily been my mum. She was walking through those exact places in London just a few weeks back. I was there a few months back. This is really happening. To us. 

There are no easy or right answers. Nor solutions. People are not evil. People can be made evil. We have to face these fears and not pretend we are not part of it. We are. Right here and right now. I believe we all should focus on spreading light and love. Focus on what we have inside. Find our potential because there is something great about each one of us. We should explore our own worlds, find the things that really matters to us and make us happy. Inspire and help others to find their good places. And if there is something that is going to make me want to travel even more - this is it.