Scotland and Isle of Lismore

Wild and free. That's how I remember Scotland. I used to live there for a couple months during the summer a few years back - in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains on one side and by the sea on the other. I had a beach literally in front of our house and used to go there every single morning, to have my breakfast and to watch the passing ferries and occasional dolphins playing in the water. At that time I became very self-aware and realised the importance of being in touch with nature for me. I spent there an amazing summer and since then Scotland belongs to one of my favourite places in the world. Place where I feel at home.

Last week we decided to leave the Lake District, our current home, for a few days and go to Scotland as it is very close. We took a train from Glasgow, travelled through an amazing countryside up to the west coastal town called Oban. Which I visited on many occasions before and simply loved it. The little castle on its edge, the constant scream of seagulls, the smell of fresh rain and salty ocean, the pier with its many ships and all the little isles around just melts my heart. We arrived, checked into our hotel and went to my favourite café in Oban - Oban Chocolate Company. They make the best hot chocolate in the world and their waffles with ice cream are just top! If you ever find yourself in Oban, don't forget about this place - comfy couches, wonderful sea view plus homemade chocolate and you're in heaven.

When the sun was coming down and sky turning red in Oban

Morning run along the seaside
We enjoyed the walk along the beach, beautiful sunset and dinner at the pier. The next day we decided to go for a morning run which is always a good idea. We explored some hidden rocky beaches of Oban and enjoyed the morning sunshine. After that and a quick breakfast we decided to explore some isles, that day we chose to go to Lismore. In Gaelic Lios More means garden which I liked and we wanted to simply walk through it (it is only some 10 square kilometres!) and enjoy some time off the world we live in. We boarded the smallest ferry that was to be found the pier and in an hour we arrived at Lismore. Us two and four other people. It was just beautiful. Green and in blossom, very small and lonely, with a few cottages, a lot of little paths and many sheep and cows. We walked around it, enjoyed the amazing day, listened to the sound of sea and buzzing world of nature. It was such a lovely isle where we were able to fully re-connect with nature and simply just be. Live in a moment. It reminded me of my summer spent in Scotland and why I loved it so much.

This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top. David Lynch.

The land created me. I'm wild and lonesome. Even as I travel the cities, I'm more at more in the vacant lots. Bob Dylan.

On the ferry

I just got off the ferry, excited to explore Lismore

Enjoying the stunning views

Time for a snack!


It's lambing time!

Moon and a rainbow, can you find them?

Have a great day! M.