First snow!

The days are getting shorter, darker and colder. I have spent a couple of them laying in bed having cold, drinking loads of tea with honey and eating fresh fruit. Now when the things are back to normal I really enjoy dark autumn walks outside in the forests, mountains or at the Derwentwater lake. A kiosk full of hot tea or coffee became my good friend when spending time outdoors. Everything is suddenly so much darker, the sun is shining way less and you can definitely feel the winter in the crispy air. 

I know that the most of people do not like this part of the year - the late autumn but I truly enjoy it. When it is rainy or just too cold to go outside I like to spend time at home by creating a cozy atmosphere and enjoying every single moment. I usually wear my fluffy and comfy dressing gown, light my favourite gingerbread scented candle and make myself a nice cup of tea. Then I grab a book and that's it. It is all about living in the moment. You can enjoy the moment right now by reading this article. Sometimes I like to stop everything that I'm doing and just have a look around me to see what is happening. All the colourful leaves and flying birds that I can see from my window, the grey weather, smell of my tea that is getting cold.. I am grateful for all of that, right here and right now.

Every year I am really looking forward to one exciting moment - when the first snow comes. The snow came to the Lake District a few days ago and for me it was the moment that I fully lived in, enjoyed and was grateful for every part of it. This is what I woke up to.

And this was the view from our bedroom that afternoon. Just magnificent!