Climbing Skiddaw

In the middle of November (when there was no snow on the top of the mountains yet) we visited one of the highest fells in the Lake District called Skiddaw. A fell is basically a name for a hill here in the northern England. Skiddaw is also one of the first things that I can see in the morning when I open my window. Having such a wonderful view from our bedroom is something that I feel grateful for every single day. Also it feels great to be surrounded by mountains and have this need of conquering them.

It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves. Sir Edmund Hillary

There are many routes you can take to get to the top of Skiddaw, we started our hike from a small village called Bassenthwaite. From there we went across fields occupied by sheep flocks and there in the distance it was - Skiddaw covered in the early morning mist. Even though it felt quite close it took us a good couple of hours to get to the mountain. During the hike we noticed that the weather up there changes quickly, you couldn't see the top for a bit and then suddenly it was all bright and covered in sunlight. We just hoped it will be nice and shiny when we get there. While we were getting closer to the top the path was more and more vertical and so we had to scramble up without looking back down.

You can make a little walk on the top of Skiddaw and the views all around are just stunning. It was still a bit misty but the sun was getting through all the clouds and fog and it was just magical (have a look at the pictures). We did not only enjoy the wonderful views overlooking the Lake District but also our peanut butter and banana filled sandwiches and hot tea from the kiosk which came in handy.

Then we decided to head back (back home to enjoy the view from the other side, haha). From there we walked straight down to Keswick and it was a lovely path as well. The whole walk took us probably four or five hours, we met tons of sheep, other tourists or travellers and enjoyed every moment of it. Can't wait to do it all again taking another route! M.

We got to see Bassenthwaite lake and tons of fields as we were getting higher

Leaving all these lengthy fells behind and heading straight to the top of Skiddaw.

On the top of Skiddaw