Do what feels right to you

Sometimes I like to write about stuff straight away and sometimes I just need to absorb everything that is happening to me first and put into words later - when the right time comes. For the following year I decided to take a gap year between my studies (something I should have done so much earlier!!) and use this period to explore my passions and to travel. Mainly those two months spent in Sri Lanka working on the internship helped me to make this decision. My partner felt the same way and so our plan was to move to the UK for a bit - find a job, explore the area and most importantly work on some of our secret projects.

It wasn't difficult to find the job ahead from the Czech Republic as we both worked in England and Scotland before - we made a couple of phone calls and were ready to go. More than three weeks ago we landed in London and were heading to this little british town in Cotswolds (lovely part of England) where we decided to spend a couple of months. But this time something didn't feel quite right.

Every time I travel somewhere I feel so excited and I'm looking forward to all the adventures but it was not happening. I actually thought it's all because of my sickness - I had some kind of flu, didn't feel well and so I didn't really add any meanings to my negative feelings. We arrived to Cotswolds, tried to settle down and enjoy our time there but we were just not happy. Our shifts at work were different - we didn't get to see each other very often, we didn't like the accommodation and also the town had some negative vibes and so we started to hesitate. Should we wait and see? Should we leave now? Where to go? Nothing bad happened to us in particular, it was just a kind of a mixture of everything. I've always been able to adapt quickly in different and new environments. Also I believe that you can adapt to everything really. But you have to want to. This time I didn't. I didn't feel right about staying at that job and in that town and felt like I need to do something about it. We stayed there for a few days, still in our trial period at work and then one day we just decided we can't stay there anymore - we need to leave. And so we did. We packed all our stuff very quickly, let the employer know, hopped on the first train and then we were gone. 

Even though we were suddenly jobless, homeless and had no idea where we're going, we were happy. Happy and free. And that's all that matters. We travelled for a few days, spent some terrible amounts of money on the accommodation and somehow we knew we have to come back to the place we fell in love with the last summer -  the Lake District. We spent there a few months the last year and it's felt like home to us since then. At home you feel confident and secure and that was all we needed. And so here we are now! We've been back in the Lake District for nearly two weeks now, found a great job that we both enjoy and have an accommodation with a stunning mountain view. We can spend a lot of time working on some of our projects, do a lot of hiking and we just appreciate every day the get to spend here.

I've learnt one big lesson from this experience. You are the one that takes control over your life. If you don't feel good about something - change it. It might be challenging and not easy but it's worth it! You know that great feeling after you finish something you postponed all the time and didn't feel like doing, right? In order to be happy we just need to learn to listen to ourselves - because we know somewhere deep inside what's the best for us and what's the way to go. Sometimes we let the others to take control over our happiness but in fact it's us who have the control. Do what feels right to you and let yourself be happy. M.

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