Climbing Catbells

When visiting the Lake District and passing through this little town called Keswick, you cannot miss a hill with an unusual name - Catbells. It's one of the hills/fells/mountains with the most wonderful views around here and it's not that difficult to get there. The climb to the top of Catbells is quite easy and short - you're on the top in less than fourty minutes (well if you're fit enough). It includes some scrambling which is quite fun so get ready for that. You're gonna need good shoes or boots and some windproof clothes. It's pretty windy up there - no matter whether you're hiking in the summer or winter. Don't forget a good jacket if you don't want to end up like an ice cube.

We decided to hike to Catbells the other day - the weather wasn't really nice but it didn't rain and so we went for it. You can go by bus which takes you right in front of the hill, by the ship across the Derwentwater lake or you can simply walk from Keswick. That's what we did. The path is about 4 miles long and it takes you around the lake and inside the woods. The walk was lovely and very colourful (thank you autumn!). It wasn't our first time climbing Catbells and so we were very excited as we knew what's waiting for us on the top. Stunning views all around! We got to see the surrounding hills and mountains, little towns and villages, lakes and green fields crowded by sheep. And when the sun starts to shine right when you reach the top, you can consider yourself lucky. And this time we were very lucky. Have a look at the pictures, I felt like I was in a paradise. It's always so worth climbing a hill. After reaching the top, you feel super energized and happy and all that motivates you to climb another one. So go for it, visit Catbells or any other hill close to the place you live and you'll feel great! M.

Here comes the scrambling part..

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