Last day in Sri Lanka!

The time flies! Seven weeks have gone so fast and today is our last day in Sri Lanka. I had quite A bad Internet connection over the past few weeks and so I was not that active on the blog. Hopefully that will change soon and I will be able to share with you some great moments that I experienced this summer.

A week ago we visited Trincomalee - a beach town situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka. We spent there a few days and it was just lovely. We took a night bus from Colombo and arrived to Trinco in very early morning hours. Everything was covered in black and it felt a bit scary but still we decided to take a walk to the beach and wait for the sunrise. It was worth it - so peaceful and pure. 

Also we finally got to swim in the ocean - as there are no waves (or at least smaller ones) than everywhere else in Sri Lanka. We really just chilled and had a good time -  we enjoyed long mornings by drinking tea and eating bananas, laying on the beach and listening to the sound of the sea. We drank a lot of fresh juices (mostly pineapples ones) and fresh coconuts, spent our afternoons by walking along the town or visiting temples and finally we enjoyed some of the greatest curries in Sri Lanka in the evenings. We had a blast!

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