Global citizens?

Sri Lanka stole my heart and I could very well imagine spending a lot more time there. Anyway a few days ago we safely landed in Prague and since then we have adapted to our usual lives very quickly. I was a bit let-lagged for some time and had to beat being tired but now everything is back to 'normal'. Sri Lanka as a country and also the internship that I participated in and all the people I met inspired me so much. Every day was a new adventure, I have learned so many things over the past few weeks and I am not ready to stop. All I want to do right now is to travel the world, get to know different cultures, do something good for this place we live in and develop myself as much as I can. And well, that's what I'm going to do.

There was one thing that I was really looking forward to when coming back home. The weather. Sri Lanka is beautiful and all that but the weather was just killing me. I could not wait for the Czech weather that is not humid and also much cooler.. even though I expected it to be not that hot these days. I plan on staying in the Czech for a couple of weeks and then I'm off again. Let's see how the plan goes. I have never been the biggest patriot and there has always been a huge british flag in my room, a picture of London and photos from my travels hanging on the walls. During my stay in Sri Lanka I have come to realize a lot of things about my life and this world that we live in and started to be more proud of being born in the Czech. I have always been proud but this time I was able to realize how remarkable and unique our country and the culture is. I will never get tired of explaining people that nope, it is not called Czechoslovakia anymore and yes, our nation drinks the most beer per person in the world and yes, Prague is really magical and yeah, the scenery is just amazing in here.

Anyway I truly believe that home is where your heart is. And it allows me to travel for a long period of time to the places very far away from home and it also allows me to be thinking about living abroad. I consider myself as a global citizen and we all should do as we all come from the planet Earth after all. Sometimes I feel that people judge too much on which country you come from, what your religion is and what color of skin you have. I wish we all opened our minds more often, didn't live in the bubble and weren't easily satisfied with the information we get from the others and looked for the answers ourselves instead and be more curious - about everything. Also when not being happy - we should do something about it and (at least try to) change it!

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