Second week in Sri Lanka!

I've just got home after spending the day in the centre of Colombo (the capital of Sri Lanka where I live these days), had a quick cold shower and now I’m sitting next to my laptop and eating a fresh melon. They are so yummy, sweet and cheap that we eat them basically every day. The weather here is just crazy - too hot and very humid, which means you sweat all the time and five minutes after taking a shower you feel like you need another one. Anyway there are fans in the houses, shops and restaurants and they help me to survive. 

Not only melons, Sri Lanka is an avocado heaven as well! 

Last week we finally left Colombo and got to know also other parts of Sri Lanka. During the internship we visited a college for the first time and it was pretty cool to meet local students and try to motivate them to start thinking about their future - slightly in a different way. I'm not going into details  about this voluntary internship, there will be a separate post about the whole experience. Stay tuned!

A few days ago we visited the middle part of Sri Lanka, mostly mountains where the weather is just fine and sometimes even cold (Nuwara Eliya). This part of the country is how I have always imagined it. Happy smiley people, amazing nature, fields and tea plantations everywhere... basically everything green and magnificent! Now after spending a little bit of time in here - mainly in Colombo I think it's still magnificent but not so green - you can hardly see any bins on the streets and there's a lot of rubbish everywhere. That makes me sad.

This picture that I took is how I imagined Sri Lanka in my mind before arriving here.

As I said we visited mountains and spent two nights in a village called Ella which is just magical. It has the most beautiful views and you cannot miss it when visiting this part of the world. Every morning we woke up to a wonderful view overlooking mountains and hills surrounding Ella. After enjoying these moments of happiness we got our breakfast - tea, coffee and delicious fruit. I actually stopped drinking coffee, it doesn’t taste really good and tea is on the other hand just amazing - milk tea to be exact. During the day we visited a hill called Little Adam's Peak and Ravana Falls and in the evening we've had the yummiest rice and curry so far. We plan on going back to Ella, there is so much more to explore! 

A view from our room in Ella. I mean money can't buy you happiness, you have to be already happy.. but waking up to this can contribute to your happiness a big way!

Drinking tea & Planning the day

Don't expect long evenings and waiting till 10pm for a sunset.. sun goes down down here crazy fast. It's dark at 7pm - every day all year long. 

We also visited a town in the mountains - Nuwara Eliya, which is sometimes referred as 'Little England'. It had a beautiful scenery and I really felt like I found myself in the middle of Lake District. There were a few red post boxes, red buses and it was quite chilly and foggy when we arrived. Last weekend we also visited a national park Yala situated in the south of Sri Lanka. There we experienced clamping, moonlight dinner and saw a lot of elephants, monkeys and other animals that I don't get to see every day. I'm really excited to write a post about it! M.

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