First week of living in Colombo

Today it's been a week and a day since we landed in Colombo, Sri Lanka (after a very long flight from Prague and a way too long waiting time in Dubai) and got accommodated in the house for interns near the city centre. As I mentioned in the previous post I am here for two months (and my boyfriend is here as well) to participate in a voluntary internship which is organized by local students through an international students organization - as Sri Lanka is a developing country our aim is to inspire and motivate other young people not to be afraid to take a risk, to transform their ideas into reality and become entrepreneurs. The project officially starts on today and I’m quite excited to make a difference and explore more of Sri Lanka!

During the previous week we got the chance to meet a lot of of Sri Lankan students that will take part in the project too and also meet other interns which whom we share the house. I must say that I've been having really good time meeting people from so many different countries and learning about them and we had a lot of laugh too. We also explored various parts and corners of Colombo - visited a beach side, a few temples, been to a street market full of fresh fruit and veggies that are way too different from the ones that we are used to in the Czech republic. And so I tasted a delicious dragonfruit, juicy oranges, little yellow bananas or drank a refreshing coconut water - from the coconut. When talking about food I cannot forget to mention some dishes that I loved, kottu and rice and curry. Delicious and spicy, very spicy! 

I haven't really experienced a cultural shock because I did quite a research about life in Sri Lanka. Another thing that is in my opinion very important when travelling and in everyday life as well is to be open-minded and opened to everything new. Even though that there are some things that are not close to my culture such as sharing food with others or eating with my hands, I just go for it. I try it, experience it and I believe it helps me to understand the culture better. Still there is something that surprised me a lot - the transport system. Going by tuk-tuk is pretty cool but also a bit dangerous as  all the drivers overtake from both sides and it seems that there are no rules really. The fastest one wins!

The contract between rich and poor is just BIG!

during the flight to Colombo we stopped at Male.. beautiful Maldives from the air

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