Glamping in the national park in Sri Lanka

The journey from Colombo to town called Kataragama was 5 hours long and quite exhausting. We reached our final destination by the noon and as soon as we get out of the bus we became an attraction. Locals kept staring at us - some of them smiled some of them didn’t. I guess that now I got used to the looks from the others. I understand that I am different and they want to look at me. I also look at them. Some of them even like to take selfies with us and treat us like stars. That’s a bit weird but fine with me. Anyway here’s one thing I’m really not happy with - being defined by the colour of my skin. And I feel like it happened to me a few times while living in Sri Lanka. Somebody asked me the other day whether I like black people or not. I was like what kind of question is that. We all are in fact the same and being black or white or green should not define us.  I don’t care at all what colour of skin you have, what’s your religion, what’s your sexuality.. we all can be whoever we want to be without being limited by this. Our actions define us.

Let’s get back to the trip. Very close to Kataragama lies one of the biggest and most visited national parks in Sri Lanka called Yala where wild animals like leopards, elephants or buffalos can be found. And that’s where we were heading. We were about to spend a weekend there and experience not only the safari but also glamping - glamorous camping. 

After a very warm welcome of the owner of the camp we were gived refreshing ice cold drinks and shown to our tent - a glamourous one. Inside there was a large bed, bathroom, air condition and also a super fast wifi. We unpacked our stuff, explored the whole camp area and after that the lunch was ready. A yummy rice and chicken curry (of course) followed by an ice cream as a dessert. Not bad at all! Then we had the whole afternoon just for ourselves. We wanted to relax for a bit and enjoy our amazing tent - it reminded me of those magic ones from Harry Potter that can get really big and spacious. Later that afternoon we borrowed bikes and went for the ride along the national park. It was just amazing. We saw a few monkeys and so many different kinds of birds. Generally speaking, there’s the biggest variety of birds in the world in Sri Lanka. Every day I wake up to singing of birds of different colours. Love it!

The plan for the evening was to have a moonlight dinner followed by a special night safari. Before that we enjoyed an amazing sunset and it felt like the sky is literally on fire. Soon after our dinner was ready and so we enjoyed some grilled meat outside under the sky full of stars. Quite romantic.

Stuffed by dinner and pudding we were ready to start our night safari adventure - observing the elephants. And that was the first time in my life I got to see real elephants. It felt very unreal and amazing at the same time. They are such an amazing and majestic creatures. Observing them in their natural habitat and under the moonlight was just magical!

The biggest chance of seeing the animals in the wild is early in the morning and so we got up at about 5:30 am the following day. Still sleepy we finished our coffee, got into the jeep and the safari trip began! A few hours journey in the safari followed and we were able to observe amazing nature and a lot of animals. Crocodilles, wild pigs, elephants, buffalos, deers and many more.

As it was time for breakfast we stopped at the beach where the waves of the Indian ocean were just crazy - wild and huge. There we enjoyed our breakfast in Sri Lankan style - rice with some chilli sauce. Yummy, right?! We got to see how the life in wild looks like. For a little bit we stopped to see some monkeys. They are clever and not so cute to be honest. One of them stole a chocolate bar from our jeep and was really keen on stealing our bags as well. Anyway it was really fun and I’ve never met any monkeys this close!

After the safari we drove back to our camp and started to get ready for another adventure. This time we were heading to a village surrounded by mountains - Ella. You can read more about that in the previous post

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